Live streamed and on-demand yoga classes that allow you to move, challenge, and grow your body and mind. We’re rooted in community and believe that this space has room for every body and everybody.

Live Classes

Nothing beats the energy of a live Zoom class!

On Demand

On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


On your own time. Your schedule, your workout.


Deep Flow

Ally’s signature style. A hip opening warm up followed by strong standing postures creatively stitched together for a moving meditation. A slow but steady climb to the peak of this class builds heat from the inside out so you can finish practice with inversions and deep hip release.

Ebb and Flow

Simple and Strong. This class brings it back to the fundamentals with an emphasis on breath and postural alignment.


hi babe! 

My name is Bec (Rebecca, Becca, Bex, etc) and I am a Power Yoga teacher and the creator of B’Nana Belly Yoga.
A decade after graduating high school, I was a 27/28 year old new, single  mum, I had a horrific relationship with food as well as my body, and I looked around and truly didn’t recognize who I was.
Flash forward a couple more years to 2021 and I was 30. Just like that, the entirety of my 20s had gone and I was still combating this inner hatred for myself, paired with a deep desire to be so much more than what I was. It was here that I rediscovered an old love - yoga.

This rediscovering of a way to move my body turned into so much more; it became a love and a lifestyle that I fell in love with so much that I wanted to share it; I wanted to teach it. So I took the necessary steps to do just that. I enrolled in Power Yoga Canada’s 200-hour Teacher Training Program and haven’t looked back since. That brings us to where we are today. My teachings are rooted in breath, awareness, self-respect, emotional and mental well-being, movement, and community. I love my community - both my home and my virtual ones - and I love being able to share the power of movement and yoga. I continue to evolve my education of teaching yoga and have certifications in Teaching Yoga to Kids (ages 3-12), Trauma-focused Yoga, and Breathwork.

Other than practicing yoga, some of my favourite things include: good coffee, spicy Thai food, cooking & baking, writing, spending time at home with my daughter, swimming in one of the many, many lakes that surround my neck of the woods (Manitoulin Island), and advocating for mental & sexual health - specifically within females & female-identifying individuals.

Coming full circle, you can expect to see all of that wrapped up into my far-from-perfect-but-perfectly-authentic practice. It’s an absolute honour that you’re going to join me. #DeepBreathBabe

Bec xx

200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher


I had the BEST time in your class, Bec. It was an absolute blast!!! The teaching was excellent and I honestly was so surprised at how challenging of a workout it was. Unlike any other yoga class I’ve done before. I SWEAT! Can’t wait to take many, many more of your classes.


The beginning of your class - with your reading and small mediation - it was a great addition to a great yoga class. I appreciate your attention to detail and your explanations were solid. I never once felt like I wasn’t good enough or flexible enough or strong enough. You did an amazing job at making me feel so comfortable. I’ll be looking out for all your other classes.


I think one thing Bec does best is make people feel comfortable, inspired, and genuinely loved. This is apparent in both her yoga practice and her day-to-day life. If you have the opportunity to get to take one of Bec’s classes, jump on it. You won’t regret it. She’s 100% the type of teacher who will have a loyal following because she’s just a joy to be around. See you all on your mat!!!


Your pace is great and your voice throughout class is calm and natural. Not too ‘yogi voice’, if you know what I mean. You make a great teacher for everyone, not just the avid yogis. And I say that as a self-proclaimed avid yogi.

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